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1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Big news: Maurice Thompson has established the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Support this important work today, with your money and your attention. "Jurisdictional transparency" is as important or more important than financial transparency, and Thompson is the state's leader in ensuring that governments operate legally, within their constitutional boundaries.

Tax competition helps everyone except bad governments

Ohio businessman talks Ohio taxes

Politics of Civic Virtue-Citizens

What must citizens know?

What must they do?

Citizens should know enough to make fair judgments about the quality of the conduct of government, the promises made by politicians and office holders, elected and appointed, and to judge the quality of news reporting and civic discourse.

Citizens should also participate in their government. The first step should be at least a minimal donation to any of dozens of groups that support good government in Ohio. A second step should be to engage in civil discourse among your neighbors and peers; let them know there are boundaries to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

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