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1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Big news: Maurice Thompson has established the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Support this important work today, with your money and your attention. "Jurisdictional transparency" is as important or more important than financial transparency, and Thompson is the state's leader in ensuring that governments operate legally, within their constitutional boundaries.

Tax competition helps everyone except bad governments

Ohio businessman talks Ohio taxes

Salary Databases

Salary databases for state of Ohio employees and Ohio Public School Districts

Welcome to OhioCASB, the Citizens Accounting Standards Board. You will find here the beginnings of a private effort to encourage the state of Ohio and its political subdivisions to fairly and fully disclose to all Ohioans the extent and effectiveness of their operations. CASB is dedicated to easy public access to substantially all data about the governments to which Ohioans are subject, at all levels, from the township and special district level to the state itself.

The Public School District Salary Database is obtained from the Ohio Department of Education based upon data submitted by each district; the state of Ohio employee salary database is prepared by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. Both databases are presented for information only and any data should be confirmed independently before any important use.

We hope that you find the site useful and interesting, and we welcome your comments. This is only the beginning of the important work we hope to do to bring true, useful transparency to Ohio citizens, e.g., our work in support of putting school district checkbooks online.

If you believe the project important and worthwhile, we also welcome your support in improving the service we deliver.

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