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1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Big news: Maurice Thompson has established the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Support this important work today, with your money and your attention. "Jurisdictional transparency" is as important or more important than financial transparency, and Thompson is the state's leader in ensuring that governments operate legally, within their constitutional boundaries.

Tax competition helps everyone except bad governments

Ohio businessman talks Ohio taxes

Public comments

Do you find this information interesting and useful? What are the pro’s and con’s of making government data available to the public? What should OhioCASB focus on next? How can we make this information more useful?

30 Responses to “Public comments”

  1. Mike Maurer

    Mrs. CASB says it’s time for bed, but thank you all for taking a look at the site today. This is a space for you to comment on the effort, pro and con, and what would make for useful government transparency.

  2. Mike Maurer

    Pretty steady viewing, a few comments. Please don’t hesitate to point out what would make the site more useful.

  3. James

    For public school employees, you have listed years of experience based on the hire date in the current district but you listed salary based on current payroll. That is a little confusing. It reads as if I am on my first step of pay because it lists my experience as 1, but in reality I am on my 3rd step of pay because my hire date was 2006. If my experience was currently 1, then I would be making several thousand less.

  4. James

    You’re also missing employees. None of my district’s secretaries are on the list. Also, when I search by district, Mt Healthy’s employee list ends at the letter G.

  5. Mike Maurer

    Thank you for the comments, James. The database includes only teachers and administrators at this point. I’m working on adding some additional search functionality to make things a bit easier, and I’ll check into the G listings.

  6. Bob

    I think it would be beneficial to list OEA salaries and other union people too.

  7. Mike Maurer

    Perhaps, Bob, but so far as I know OEA and any union is a private organization that for the most part wouldn’t have to disclose salaries, although many organizations that are nonprofit and the like do have some disclosure requirements (as, of course, do publicly traded corporations to some extent).

  8. Dave

    I noticed that not all administrators are on the listings. Is this just Certified people?

    I am an Administrator at a School district but do not have a teaching certificate. Mine was not listed…..not that it really matters. haha.

  9. Bob Jones

    The problem with what you have done here is that while trying to maintain forced transparency, you have also invaded privacy. Having my salary, age and place of employment on the web would not be anyone’s business if I wasn’t a public employee.

    Where is your age, salary and place of employement?

  10. Editor

    Thank you for the comments, Mr. Jones. Of course you’ve identified the distinction: public versus private. Public employees necessarily are public record, private are not. Of course, it’s also doubtful how much privacy is left even in the private sector, but that’s a question for another day.

  11. Bob

    I thought OEA/Union information was a public record since it appears on the deparment of labor webpage utilizing the officer/employee search. http://kcerds.dol-esa.gov/query/

  12. Editor

    Excellent link, thank you. You raise a valid point and I will try to look into it. There is still a distinction, but even so, there is also a fundamentally important relationship.

  13. Heidelberger

    When will you have public university salaries, such as Ohio State University professors and employees, available?

  14. If you publish something that I don’t feel should be published the least you can do is get my years of experience correct. Hired in 1976 I have 33 years completed not 30 – try checking your math!

  15. Editor

    Thank you, Ms. Wilson. The EMIS file contains two fields for experience and they sometimes differ. I will try to check yours soon to see if there is a difference in the two.

  16. Elizabeth

    If you want true accountabily, why not post city, county, an municipal employees as well? Qucik making it about state workers all of the time. I’ve worked harder for the state than I ever did in the private sector.

  17. Tim Baltzer

    It would be nice to make the data available as a CSV (comma delimited file) to download. It would make sorting easier.

  18. Tim Baltzer

    P.S. Thanks for all of your hard work to obtain this information.

  19. Allison

    Can you provide either a source or more information about what is included in the files (what year, does this include support staff, administration, etc.) Is it possible to differentiate between the various types of staff?

    Thank you for your hard work!

  20. Rich

    FINALLY, someone with the nerve to post FACTS instead of the boring “ITs for the kids that we want more money!”
    Yea, its for the kids alright!

  21. Traci

    My school just called me and complained that I took my kid out to homeschool him. Our levys keep failing and it doesn’t help their financial sitiation when parents do that. Well……it’s BECAUSE of the financial situation that I took him out. It’s rediculous the hear them keep asking for more money, when they make the outrageous amounts per year that they make…..TAKE A PAY CUT just like the rest of the working class America has had to do!!! Don’t give me this BS that it’s illegal…..if everyone else can do it SO CAN YOU!! Maybe if the guys who sit behind a desk whining to the parents that you are taking funding away from them could part with some of that 100plus thousand dollars a year for a while until the school gets back on its feet to support your salary, things would turn around for the school. Administrators…..don’t complain about parents wanting to give their kid a better education at home unless your willing to make your OWN sacrifices instead of just the school sacrifices. I had to take a pay cut where I work to keep my job and to keep the company from shutting down….you can too.

  22. Terri

    I also like to say Thanks for all of your hard work to obtain this information. It has been very helpful with issues going on November ballot in my local area and has helped people make a wiser vote choice. Because they had no clue , you help opened alot of eyes .Are you going to do Coaches or are they considered private sector ? They are working in the schools also . Just punched in a few for a couple of schools and they were not posted . AGAIN GREAT SITE > I put your website in my Local paper . I believe all need to know this . Thanks !!! ;-)

  23. Lynn

    I appreciate what you are trying to do – but you are misrepresenting the truth. I read through several pages of this information – including what is posted on my own. You don’t have ‘years of service’ correct for many… just how long they have been with their current district. You are misleading people about salaries. If you are going to post information like this… you need to make sure it is factual,honest, and current.

  24. Sally Luken

    I am new to this website and find the information and comments fascinating. Are the salaries listed based upon the school contract year and hours (185 hours) or are they extrapolated for a normal 2080 hours full-time work year? I also understand after quickly reviewing one school district’s union contract for its teachers, that there are additional fees/compensation a teacher can receive. Does your list include these or are these the base salaries? i.e. I heard that one central Ohio school district has paid its janitorial staff over $100k annually because of mandatory over time. Thanks for taking my questions.

  25. Mark

    WOW! I had no idea this information was being made available. This is a great effort! The people need to be able to easily obtain this information on how their money is being used. Unfortunately, the Mayfield Heights schools are not yet in the data base. We need to have a strong light shined on the activities of government. I wonder how many people realize that the average public sector salary is almost twice that of the average private sector salary? When one considers that all wealth is generated by the private sector, it is very apparent that public sector salaries are excessive. There are also huge variances between counties on expenditures. Being informed is the first step toward fixing the inequity. Thanks for your efforts and God speed!

  26. Joanne

    I couldn’t find the Beavercreek Ohio school district…it is not the Beaver district

  27. Wayne

    Very interesting site.
    Will you be posting salaries of all public employees?
    ie. City Workers, County Workers

    Why only education?

  28. Carlos Cisco

    Great work! Taxpayers such as myself now have a better understanding of where the money is going.

  29. Chuck

    There a great deal of advertisement for transparency on this site, but i am finding it very difficult to find WHO or what org is behind the site. I like the idea of shining a light on EVERYBODY who espouses righteousness. For they, too, have an agenda. Many of us understand the current wave of disdain for public education is simply an attempt to gain support for privatization and ultimately a caste system whereby these private entities decide who is educated and who is not. i wonder if the NOT’s will look anything like the owners of the education system. not likely. Way to keep your eye on the ball, though, secret website person.

  30. editor

    Sorry for my delay in noticing your comment, Wayne. It’s not just education; see the April 15th project which is noted on the home page.

    And Chuck, have you seen the about page? I’m hardly sneaking up on you. My wife’s in the public sector too. I always tell anyone unhappy with that to come into the private sector; the water’s fine.